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I’m Dan Mall, a creative director and advisor from Philly. I’m the founder and director of SuperFriendly, a design collaborative that brings exquisite creative direction and design to the world’s most important and interesting organizations. I’m also the co-founder and CEO of Arcade, a fun way to create, edit, and manage design tokens for enterprise teams.

I made an online class for designers about creating design systems.

I wrote a book.

Pricing Design, by Dan Mall

Many freelancers and agencies either under-charge for their services or overcharge to the point where their prospective customers are forced to look elsewhere for help. When asked to justify their prices, they awkwardly mumble a fictional hourly rate multiplied by an ill-informed estimate of hours. There’s a better way.

Together with A Book Apart, I wrote Pricing Design, a guide for helping you speak confidently with your customers about the value you’ll deliver, questions to help you uncover that value, and a hefty case study to show you what it all looks like in practice.

Quotes about Dan

I promise that Dan Mall is more inspiring and talented than you.

Chris Matthews, Strategy, Apple

Dan certainly has one of the best minds for design in our industry, but he takes it so much further in his unparalleled grace and his seamless collaboration with his team and his clients.

Mike Kenny, Former Director of User Experience, Code & Theory

If I closed my eyes and thought of five people I’d want to work on projects the rest of my life with Dan would be one of the five. Doesn’t matter what the project is.

Jamie Kosoy, Founder, Arbitrary

Dan has vision and is able to see the potential in anything he touches. He’s a team player and a great collaborator. He never stops thinking about what can be done better, which always leads to fresh, smart, and original work.

Sabah Kosoy, Producer, Google

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  1. Run an important project your organization needs to launch.

    Through my design collaborative SuperFriendly, I build specialized teams of experts that ship the highest quality products and teach you to level up your skills as we progress.

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  2. Speak to your team or at your event.

    I’ve been speaking publicly at conferences and privately with in-house product teams for over a decade about design process and how to better collaborate with your team members.

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  3. Take your agency to the next level.

    Most of my professional experience exists in client service, so I’ve seen many ups and downs of what agencies do right and wrong. I can help you more narrowly position your agency to attract more qualified leads and learn pricing strategies that win premium projects.

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